piątek, 26 sierpnia 2011

Congratulations Camia!

Congratulations Camia on being signed with Ford Models. We always believed that you can do the impossible! But nothing is impossible if you believe in that. You always were our the biggest inspiration. We admire you. You are such a good role model to us. God is also everything to us. So yeah, this was a message to Camia, a little bit longer than a tweet. We love you. Keep on making people smile and being such a gorgeous women! 

niedziela, 27 lutego 2011

Who is Camia Marie?

You certainly felt that feeling many times...I mean you were wondering who's that pretty girl...On this blog I will try to give you the answer! My blog is about Camia-Marie! Yes!  That beautiful girl, who's a model. I really wish that you will love her that much as I do reading my blog.